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recipes appetizers and snack
recipes cake
recipes cookie
recipes drink and beverages
recipes eggetarian
recipes ice cream dessert and sweets
recipes non vegetarian
recipes smoothie
recipes vegetarian
recipes all paneer
recipes all paneer
recipes all manchurian
recipes all manchurian
recipes all dosa
recipes all dosa
recipes all bread
recipes all bread
recipes all potato
recipes all potato
recipes all chicken
recipes all chicken
recipes all mutton
recipes all mutton
cappuccino coffee
chocolate cake recipe
chocolate cookies
cold coffee chocolate flavour
hot and sour vegetable soup
crunchy egg fingers
homemade vanilla ice cream
kharode ka soup
mango mastani
pineapple strawberry banana carrots smoothie
sweet corn soup
tomato soup
vanilla sponge cake without oven
dry veg manchurian i
chocolate cake
chocolate cookies i
creamy tomato soup
dry veg manchurian
egg bhurji
mutton korma
sweet corn soup i
vanilla ice cream
milk ice cream smoothie
mango mastani i
sweet potato sandwich
chicken curry
egg fingers
vanilla cake
delicious nankhatai
delicious custard
cappuccino coffee without machine
eggless marble cake
strawberry shake
strawberry banana chocolate shake
chocolate strawberry banana shake
veg fried rice
veg manchurian gravy
green mango chutney
chicken 65 recipe
gatte ki sabji
cheese potato balls
besan chilla
lachha paratha i
lachha paratha
paneer pakora
pudina chutney
delicious poha recipe
suji ka halwa
suji upma
suji ka halwa i
butter naan
apple pie
apple pie i
suji dhokla
dhokla i
suji dhokla i
pani puri gol gappa
pav bhaji
masala pasta
pav bhaji i
gulkand gujiya
baked egg
swiss roll cake
vanilla ice cream i
egg cheese sandwich
egg curry
singapore fried rice
veg fried rice i
singapore fried rice i
samosa i
butter coffee
pineapple raita
rava idli
sambar i
rava idli i
masala dosa
plain dosa
crispy paper dosa with batter
masala dosa with batter
rava dosa
coconut chutney
rava dosa i
coconut chutney i
white sauce pasta
white sauce pasta i
masala pasta i
red sauce pasta
gravy veg manchurian
masala macaroni
cheese masala macaroni
spanish omelette
spanish omelette i
moong rice khichdi
cheese pizza
bread pizza
bread pizza i
cup cake
cup cake i
aam panna
aam panna i
chole bhature
chana masala
namkeen lassi
sweet lassi
kesar shrikhand
jalebi i
rabdi i
egg biryani
malai kofta
malai kofta i
veg seekh kabab
veg seekh kabab i
besan ke laddu
besan ke laddu i
uttapam i
dal fry
dal fry i
papaya shake
butter cake
butter cake i
ras malai
ras malai i
mango shake
baingan bharta
baingan bharta i
shahi paneer
shahi paneer i
kadai paneer
kadai paneer i
palak paneer
palak paneer i
plum jam
plum jam i
paneer manchurian dry
paneer manchurian dry i
chilli paneer dry
chilli paneer dry i
chilli paneer gravy
chilli paneer gravy i
chocolate coffee cake
paneer tikka
paneer tikka i
paneer butter masala
paneer butter masala i
paneer lababdar
paneer lababdar i
bread pakora
bread pakora i
bread roll
bread roll i
kashmiri dum aloo
kashmiri dum aloo i
punjabi dum aloo
punjabi dum aloo i
paneer pasanda
paneer pasanda i
rajma curry
rajma curry i
paneer makhani
paneer makhani i
lauki ki barfi
lauki ki barfi i
chilli potato
honey chilli potato
french fries
french fries i
bel sharbat
bel sharbat i
falsa sharbat
falsa sharbat i
paneer 65
paneer 65 i
chicken 65
chicken tikka
chicken tikka i
mutton curry
mutton curry i
butter chicken
butter chicken i
roti i
aloo paratha
aloo paratha i
paneer do pyaza
paneer do pyaza i
matar paneer pulao
matar paneer pulao i
navratan pulao
navratan pulao i
green mango chutney i
jeera aloo
jeera aloo i
kadhi pakoda
kadhi pakoda i
baked egg i
butter coffee i
besan chilla i
chicken curry i
cheese potato balls i
delicious custard i
chocolate cookies ii
delicious pineapple raita
delicious poha recipe i
egg bhurji i
egg cheese sandwich i
egg curry i
egg curry ii
kesar shrikhand i
lemonade i
mango shake i
mutton korma i
sweet lassi i
rogan josh
rogan josh i
mutton stock for wazwan dishes
bhindi do pyaza
bhindi do pyaza i
bhindi do pyaza ii
boondi ke ladoo
boondi ke ladoo i
delicious custard ii
moong dal halwa
moong dal halwa i
bharwa shimla mirch
bharwa shimla mirch i
eggless marble cake i
eggless marble cake ii
gulab jamun
gulab jamun i
aam papad
aam papad i
aloo tikki
aloo tikki i
imli chutney tamarind chutney
imli chutney tamarind chutney i
kesar pista kulfi
kesar pista kulfi i
mango phirni
mango phirni i
uttapam pizza
uttapam pizza i
kesar rice kheer
kesar rice kheer i
corn chaat
corn chaat i
falooda i
dal baati churma
dal baati churma i
roasted pumpkin soup
roasted pumpkin soup i
mango salsa
mango salsa i
soy milk
soy milk i
tofu i
chicken frankie roll
chicken frankie roll i
chicken adobo
chicken adobo i
chicken lababdar
chicken lababdar i
bharwan karela
bharwan karela i
paneer kathi roll
paneer kathi roll i
chicken barra
chicken barra i
soya keema matar
soya keema matar i
papdi chaat
papdi chaat i
chicken biryani
chicken biryani i
vegetarian hot dog
vegetarian hot dog i
vegetable biryani
vegetable biryani i
pumpkin pie baked oatmeal
pumpkin pie baked oatmeal i
chicken quesadilla
chicken quesadilla i
khasta kachori
khasta kachori i
aloo paratha quesadilla
aloo paratha quesadilla i
shrimp tacos
shrimp tacos i
matar kulcha
matar kulcha i
pyaz ki sabzi
pyaz ki sabzi i
dahi bhalla dahi vada
dahi bhalla dahi vada i
sabudana khichadi
sabudana khichadi i
makhane ki kheer
makhane ki kheer i
ragda pattice
ragda pattice i
chicken ghee roast
chicken ghee roast i
vanilla sponge cake without egg
vanilla sponge cake without egg i
dahi ke kebab
dahi ke kebab i
kurkure paneer
kurkure paneer i
mawa modak
mawa modak i
crispy veg nuggets
crispy veg nuggets i
cheese omelette
cheese omelette i
amritsari fish fry
amritsari fish fry i
fried chicken
fried chicken i
gobhi 65
gobhi 65 i
mushroom manchurian
mushroom manchurian i
paneer cutlet
paneer cutlet i
jeera biscuit
jeera biscuit i
eggless omelette
eggless omelette i
egg curry iii
shahi tukda
shahi tukda i
malai khoya roll
malai khoya roll i
gajar ka halwa carrot halwa
gajar ka halwa carrot halwa i
vermicelli kheer
vermicelli kheer i
besan chilla curry
besan chilla curry i
masala french toast
masala french toast i
chicken afghani
chicken afghani i
fish curry
fish curry i
nargisi kofta
nargisi kofta i
how to make chicken korma
how to make chicken korma i
delicious paneer dosa
dal makhani
dal makhani i
suji upma i
no oven vanilla cake recipe
instant kheer in just 5 minutes
aam panna ii
aam papad ii
aam panna iii
aam papad iii
aloo paratha iii
aloo paratha ii
aloo paratha quesadilla ii
aloo paratha quesadilla iii
dal makhani ii
dal makhani iii
how to make chicken korma ii
how to make chicken korma iii
chicken ghee roast ii
chicken ghee roast iii
ragda pattice ii
ragda pattice iii
nargisi kofta ii
nargisi kofta iii
fish curry ii
fish curry iii
chicken afghani ii
chicken afghani iii
masala french toast iii
masala french toast ii
makhane ki kheer ii
makhane ki kheer iii
sabudana khichdi
sabudana khichdi i
besan chilla iii
besan chilla ii
besan chilla curry iii
besan chilla curry ii
vermicelli kheer ii
vermicelli kheer iii
dahi bhalla dahi vada ii
dahi bhalla dahi vada iii
pyaz ki sabzi iii
pyaz ki sabzi ii
matar kulcha iii
matar kulcha ii
bel sharbat iii
bel sharbat ii
papdi chaat ii
papdi chaat iii
soya keema matar ii
soya keema matar iii
roti ii
roti iii
french fries ii
french fries iii
gajar ka halwa
gajar ka halwa i
vanilla sponge cake without egg ii
vanilla sponge cake without egg iii
fried chicken ii
fried chicken iii
chilli potato i
honey chilli potato i
falsa sharbat ii
falsa sharbat iii
jeera biscuit ii
jeera biscuit iii
lauki ki barfi ii
lauki ki barfi iii
strawberry shake i
pineapple strawberry banana carrot smoothie
paneer makhani ii
paneer makhani iii
malai khoya roll ii
malai khoya roll iii
shahi tukda ii
shahi tukda iii
cheese omelette ii
cheese omelette iii
chicken barra ii
chicken barra iii
paneer cutlet ii
paneer cutlet iii
mawa modak ii
mawa modak iii
paneer kathi roll ii
paneer kathi roll iii
bharwan karela ii
bharwan karela iii
crispy veg nuggets ii
crispy veg nuggets iii
mushroom manchurian iii
mushroom manchurian ii
soy milk ii
soy milk iii
chicken lababdar ii
chicken lababdar iii
dahi ke kebab ii
dahi ke kebab iii
pudina chutney i
gobhi 65 ii
gobhi 65 iii
sweet lassi ii
sweet lassi iii
coconut chutney ii
coconut chutney iii
kesar rice kheer ii
kesar rice kheer iii
eggless omelette ii
eggless omelette iii
rajma curry ii
rajma curry iii
paneer pasanda ii
paneer pasanda iii
aloo tikki ii
aloo tikki iii
punjabi dum aloo ii
punjabi dum aloo iii
kesar pista kulfi ii
kesar pista kulfi iii
tofu ii
tofu iii
imli chutney tamarind chutney ii
imli chutney tamarind chutney iii
imli chutney tamarind chutney ii
imli chutney tamarind chutney iii
sweet potato sandwich i
kashmiri dum aloo ii
kashmiri dum aloo iii
suji ka halwa ii
suji ka halwa iii
delicious nankhatai i
nankhatai i
masala pasta ii
masala pasta iii
chocolate cake i
chocolate cake recipe i
egg curry iv
egg curry v
egg curry vi
egg curry vii
rabdi ii
rabdi iii
cappuccino coffee without machine i
cappuccino coffee i
matar paneer pulao ii
matar paneer pulao iii
rogan josh ii
rogan josh iii
mutton stock for wazwan dishes i
khasta kachori ii
khasta kachori iii
moong dal halwa ii
moong dal halwa iii
gulab jamun ii
gulab jamun iii
eggless marble cake iii
eggless marble cake iv
eggless marble cake v
bread roll ii
bread roll iii
paneer do pyaza ii
paneer do pyaza iii
veg fried rice ii
veg fried rice iii
suji upma ii
suji upma iii
sweet corn soup ii
sweet corn delicious soup
egg bhurji ii
egg bhurji iii
egg biryani i
lemonade ii
lemonade iii
amritsari fish fry ii
amritsari fish fry iii
kurkure paneer ii
kurkure paneer iii
chocolate cookies iii
chocolate cookies iv
chocolate cookies v
paneer manchurian dry ii
paneer manchurian dry iii
dal baati churma ii
dal baati churma iii
chicken curry ii
chicken curry iii
corn chaat ii
corn chaat iii
chilli paneer gravy ii
chilli paneer gravy iii
palak paneer ii
palak paneer iii
roasted pumpkin soup ii
roasted pumpkin soup iii
chicken 65 i
chicken 65 recipe i
kadai paneer ii
kadai paneer iii
chana masala i
chole bhature i
uttapam pizza ii
uttapam pizza iii
kesar shrikhand ii
kesar shrikhand iii
mutton korma ii
mutton korma iii
chicken biryani ii
chicken biryani iii
cheese potato balls ii
cheese potato balls iii
samosa ii
samosa iii
vegetarian biryani
vegetarian biryani i
bread pizza ii
bread pizza iii
bharwa shimla mirch ii
bharwa shimla mirch iii
gulkand gujiya i
vegetarian hot dog ii
vegetarian hot dog iii
chicken frankie roll ii
chicken frankie roll iii
chilli paneer dry ii
chilli paneer dry iii
shahi paneer ii
shahi paneer iii
navratan pulao ii
navratan pulao iii
mango phirni ii
mango phirni iii
bhindi do pyaza iii
bhindi do pyaza iv
bhindi do pyaza v
egg fingers i
egg fingers ii
mango mastani icecream
mango mastani ii
paneer 65 ii
paneer 65 iii
rava dosa ii
rava dosa iii
plum jam ii
plum jam iii
spanish omelette ii
spanish omelette iii
namkeen lassi i
lachha paratha ii
lachha paratha iii
pav bhaji ii
pav bhaji iii
baingan bharta ii
baingan bharta iii
boondi ke ladoo ii
boondi ke ladoo iii
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