Strawberry Shake

    Recipe by: MyDeliciousRecipes

    Strawberry Shake

    A wonderfully delicious milkshake that can be easily prepared at home. Delicious Creamy Milk Shake is prepared with milk, strawberries and vanilla essence.

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    Milk2 CupStrawberry (Sliced)1 Cup
    Vanilla Essence1/2 TeaspoonHoney1 Teaspoon
    Vanilla Ice Cream1 CupCrushed IceTo Chilled

    • Blend the strawberries and some milk in a blender until smooth.
    • Add the remaining milk, honey and vanilla essence and mix well in the blender.
    • Add the final vanilla ice cream to the mixture and blend to smooth the mixture. Add ice to chilled the shake, blend slightly to mix.
    • Serve it cool and enjoy a delicious and healthy shake.
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