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How To Make Veg Manchurian Gravy

  • Veg Manchurian Gravy Recipe

    The vegetarian gravy Manchurian is a deep-fried mix vegetable balls poured into a sweet-sour and spicy sauce. This gravy Manchurian is very tasty to eat with plain rice, fried rice, steamed  rice and even chapati or roti. Delicious vegetarian Manchurian recipe with a sweet-sour and spicy gravy from the Indian Chinese cuisine divided in to 2 steps. The first step is to make Manchurian balls and the second is to make its gravy. Follow the recipe of Veg Manchurian Gravy and make delicious Manchurian at home.

    Veg Manchurian with Gravy is a popular Indo-Chinese dish that consists of vegetable balls in a thick and spicy gravy. Vegetable balls are made with finally chopped cabbage, carrots, onions and other vegetables mixed with spices, all purpose flour and cornstarch. These balls are then deep fried till they are crispy and crunchy.

    To make gravy, heat oil in a pan and add chopped garlic, ginger and onion. Fry till the onion becomes translucent. Add chopped tomatoes, soy sauce, chili sauce, and other spices such as cumin and coriander powder. Mix well and cook till tomatoes becomes soft.

    Add water and bring it to boil. Add the fried vegetable balls and let them cook in the gravy for a few minutes till they absorb the flavour. Garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot with fried rice.

    Veg Manchurian Gravy is a delicious and satisfying dish, perfect for any occasion. It is a great dish to incorporate vegetables into your diet.

    • Preparation Time :
    • 25 Minutes
    • Cooking Time :
    • 30 Minutes
    • Meal Type :
    • Vegetarian

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Veg Manchurian Gravy Ingredients


Vegetarian Balls

Carrot Finely Grated1/2 CupCabbage Finely Grated1/2 Cup
Capsicum Finely Chopped1/4 CupGreen Onion1/4 Cup
Black Pepper Powder1/2 TeaspoonRefined Flour (Maida)2 Tablespoon
Corn Flour2 TablespoonSalt1/2 Teaspoon or As Per Taste
Red Chilli PowderA Pinch or As Per TasteChaat Masala1/2 Teaspoon
Ghee or OilAs Required for Deep Frying  

For Gravy

Corn Flour1 TablespoonGhee or Oil2 Tablespoon
Onion or Green Onion(White Chunk) Finely Chopped1/4 CupGinger Finely Chopped1 Tablespoon
Garlic Finely Chopped1 TablespoonGreen Chillies Finely Chopped2
Celery1 TablespoonSoy Sauce1/2 Tablespoon
Tomato Ketchup1 TablespoonRed Chilli Sauce2 - 3 Tablespoon
White Vinegar1 TeaspoonWater1 1/4 Cup
Black Pepper Powder1/2 TeaspoonSalt1/2 Teaspoon or As Per Taste
Sugar1/4 Teaspoon or As Per TasteChaat Masala1/2 Teaspoon
Coriander LeavesFor Garnish  

Direction To Make

Let's start the recipe of Veg Manchurian Gravy

Making Vegetarian Balls

  • In a large bowl mix all veggies (finely grated carrots, cabbage, capsicum, green onions) and dry ingredients black pepper powder, corn flour, salt, red chilli powder and chaat masala.
  • Mix and knead them well so that the vegetables release water and you will get the dough. Add some ghee and mix well. Do not add extra water as water from the veggies is sufficient to form balls. If you find it difficult to make balls, then add some water and mix well.
  • Make small balls with this veggie mixture and keep aside.
  • Heat the ghee for frying the balls in a pan on medium heat. When the ghee gets hot enough to fry, fry 4 - 5 balls until the balls turns crispy and golden brown.
  • When fried, take the balls out of the ghee and keep them on a paper napkin for some time to soak up the excess ghee. Fry all the balls in this way.

Manchurian Gravy

  • Take a bowl and add all three sauces (tomato ketchup, soy sauce and red chilli sauce) and mix them well.
  • Take another bowl and add 1 tablespoon corn flour and 2 tablespoons water to it and mix them well to remove all the lumps.
  • Put 2 tablespoons of ghee in a pan and heat it on medium heat. When ghee is hot enough add chopped green onions, finely chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies and fry them while stirring continuously.
  • Add sauce mixture and mix well. Add 1 1/4 cup of water and allow it to boil. Then add the corn floor mixture and mix well.
  • Stir continuously while cooking the Manchurian gravy. Boil the gravy and sauce until thickened. Taste the gravy so that the cornflour does not have a raw taste. The gravy is ready in about 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat. If the gravy is too thick, add some water and if it is too thin add some cornflour, mix well and boil for a minute.
  • Mix pepper powder and a little salt, as soy sauce, tomato ketchup and chilli sauce already have salt. So add salt as per your choice. Add sugar and mix well.
  • Add fried Manchurian balls and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Stir gently and coat the balls with gravy. 
  • Switch off the heat. Manchurian gravy is ready. Garnish with freshly chopped coriander and serve hot with plain rice, fried rice or chappati.


To get the video for the recipe: CLICK HERE

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