Vanila Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice Cream

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    Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla ice cream is the most versatile flavour of ice cream and one of the most delicious ice cream. This easy vanilla ice cream recipe can be easily made at home. Ice cream may seem difficult to prepare at home, but it is absolutely easy to prepare at home with readily available ingredients such as milk, corn flour, sugar and vanilla essence.

    Meal Type:

    Ice Cream Dessert and Sweets

    Milk5 CupSugar1 Cup
    Corn Flour2 TablespoonFresh Cream2 Tablespoon
    Vanilla Essence2 Teaspoon  

    1. Take  4-1/2 cups milk in a deep non-stick pan. 
    2. Heat the milk over medium heat, allow the milk to boil for 12-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    3. Take 1/2 cup milk and cornflour in a small bowl and mix well.
    4. Add this cornflour-milk mixture and sugar to the boiled milk, mix well and boil again on medium heat for 5-7 minutes, stirring continuously. 
    5. Cool it completely at room temperature.
    6. Once the boiled milk cools down, add fresh cream and vanilla essence to the milk and mix well. 
    7. Pour mixture into a container. Cover it and freeze for 5-6 hours or semi-set.
    8. Take out the mixture and put it in the mixer and blend until smooth. Transfer the mixture again to the same container. Cover and freeze for 10-12 hours or until set.
    9. Vanilla ice cream is ready.

    Add chocolate syrup to make the ice cream more delicious and tasty.

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