Fried Chicken

    Recipe Of Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken

    Fried chicken is a crispy and delicious snack made by deep fried the seasoned chicken, to make delicious fried chicken, first the chicken pieces are marinated in buttermilk, then coat with refined flour and spices, then egg batter then finely chicken coated with refined flour. The chicken is then deep fried to make it crisp and golden brown. The fried chicken has soft and juicy chicken inside the crispy crust batter, which makes the snack mouthwatering and too delicious. Making delicious fried chicken at home is not a difficult task, here we are sharing a video recipe of the delicious fried chicken. You can easily make delicious crispy chicken snacks at your home by following this recipe.

    Preparation Time
    20 Minutes
    Cooking Time
    30 Minutes
    Marination Time
    5 Hour
    Meal Type:

    Appetizers and Snack


    Non Vegetarian

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