Delicious Nankhatai

    Delicious Nankhatai

    Recipe by: MyDeliciousRecipes

    Delicious Nankhatai

    Baked in an oven made of wheat flour and gram flour (Besan), traditional Indian easy to make at home delicious Nankhatai

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    Wheat Flour3/4 CupGram Flour (Besan) 1/4 Cup
    Baking Powder1/4 TeaspoonGreen Cardamoms Powder 1/2 Teaspoon
    Sugar Powder1/2 CupGhee or Butter 1/3 Cup

    • Mix wheat flour, gram flour, baking powder, green cardamom powder and sugar powder, Sieve the mixture.
    • Add ghee in flour mixture and make a hard dough.
    • To make hard dough use ghee as per the required mixture. Depending on room temperature, you may need more or less ghee.
    • preheat the oven at 180* for approx 15 minute.
    • Meanwhile, make balls from the dough. Then flatten the balls and pierce them with a fork with light force to create a design on the Nankhatai.
    • Place some cardamom on top of the flat balls and press lightly to set.
    • Bake it for 10 minutes or until it turns light brown. Remove from the oven on a wire rack to cool it at room temperature.
    • Enjoy crispy and delicious Nankhatai with tea or coffee.

    You can decorate Nankhatai with almonds, Kaju or green pista. Cut the dry fruits into small long slices and set over the Nankhatai before baking.

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