Chilli Paneer Gravy

    Chilli Paneer Gravy

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    Chilli Paneer Gravy

    chilli paneer gravy | detailed and easy recipe of chilli paneer with gravy. Spicy Hot Chili Paneer with Gravy, is a very popular Indo Chinese dish that is usually served as a side dish on the main course with fried rice. There are 2 different variants of chili paneer, one is dry chilli paneer which is served as a starter and the other is with gravy which is usually served as a side dish on the main course. We are sharing here an authentic way to make a second version of Chilli Paneer recipe, which is chili paneer with gravy.

    Preparation Time
    15 Minutes
    Cooking Time
    20 Minutes
    Meal Type:


    Paneer250 GramsFinely Chopped Ginger1 Tablespoon
    Finely Chopped Garlic2 TablespoonOnion1 Medium
    Capsicum1 MediumGreen Chillies4
    Spring Onion White, Chopped2 TablespoonSpring Onion Green, Chopped2 Tablespoon
    Cornflour4 TablespoonSalt1/2 Teaspoon or As Per Taste
    White Pepper Powder2 TablespoonRed Chilli Sauce1 Tablespoon
    Vinegar3 TablespoonTomato Ketchup1 Tablespoon
    Shezwan Sauce2 TablespoonSoy Sauce2 Tablespoon
    Cooking Oil3 Tablespoon + To Deep FryWater2 Cup

    • Cut the paneer into 1 inch cubes or as per your liking.
    • Cut the onion into 8 pieces and separate all the shells. In the same way make capsicum shells. 
    • Cut green chilies into 2 pieces lengthwise and chop spring onions, green and white part separately.
    • Take the paneer cubes in a bowl. Spread 2 tbsp of cornstarch, salt, 1 tbsp white chili powder, 1 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp soy sauce over the paneer and mix gently so that the paneer coats well.
    • Allow the coated paneer to rest for about 20 minutes to marinate, so that all of the ingredients mix well with the paneer.
    • Take a frying pan and heat the oil to fry the paneer over high heat. When the oil is hot, add the paneer and fry it on high heat till it becomes crispy and red. Do not fry it too much otherwise the paneer will harden.
    • Heat 3 tablespoons oil in a pan on high heat. Add finely chopped ginger, garlic and fry for a minute. Add the spring onion white, green chilies and fry for 2 minutes.
    • Add onions shell and cook it for 2 about minutes on high heat, while stirring continuously. Add chopped capsicum and cook again on high heat for 2 minutes until the onion and capsicum turn slightly soft. Do not cook onion and capsicum.
    • Add 2 tbsp shezwan sauce, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp red chilli sauce, 1 tbsp tomato ketchup, 1 tbsp vinegar and mix well. Cook it on high heat. Add 1 teaspoon white pepper powder and mix well. Stir it continuously and cook on high heat for 2 minutes.
    • Add 2 cups of water to it and mix well.
    • To make cornflour slurry, add 2 tbsp cornflour and 3 tbsp water in a bowl and mix well. Ensure that there are no lumps. Keep it aside.
    • Taste the gravy for spices. Add salt or spices to the gravy, which is required as per your taste and mix well.
    • Add cornflour slurry and mix well. Cook it on high heat till you get a thick gravy. When the gravy starts to thicken, add fried paneer and stir gently.
    • Garnish it with spring onions green part. Chilli Paneer Gravy is ready. Turn off the heat and transfer the chili paneer to a serving bowl. Enjoy chilli paneer gravy with fried rice.
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