Chicken Frankie Roll

    Chicken Frankie Roll

    Chicken Frankie Roll

    Chicken Frankie Roll or Chicken Roll or Chicken Frankie is nothing but a stuffed roti filled with the mixture of chicken and egg. Chicken Frankie is so delicious that everyone loves it, from children to grown ups. Chicken Frankie or Chicken Roll is a very famous Indian street food. Anyone can easily and quickly make delicious chicken rolls or chicken frankies, whenever you have leftover roti / chapati with you or fresh roti can be made to make chicken frankie. Maida (refined flour) is commonly used to make roti for Frankie (chicken or vegetarian), but we can also make rotis from wheat flour or mix flour (wheat flour and maida) to make rotis. Meat other than chicken can also be used to make Frankie stuffing. Stuffing can also be vegetarian such as cheese or potato stuffing for a vegetarian frankie which is very also tasty and popular among vegetarian people. Here we are sharing a video of Chicken Frankie recipe so that you can make delicious Chicken Frankie at your home.

    Preparation Time
    8 Hour
    Cooking Time
    35 Minutes
    Meal Type:

    Appetizers and Snack


    Non Vegetarian

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