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How to Make Tomato Soup Thick and Creamy

  • Creamy Tomato Soup

    Tomato soup is a delicious starter or appetizer that is very popular all over India. Most people like to order soup as a starter before ordering for their main meal in the restaurant. you can find tomato soup in almost all the menu of restaurants and hotel in India. A detailed recipe of the most delicious tomato soup that you can easily make at home by following this recipe. This recipe is so easy that you can make the delicious creamy tomato soup at your home in just few minutes and enjoy at your lunch or dinner.

    There are many different recipes for making delicious tomato soup. Even flavors are different depending on the ingredients used to make the soup and the method used to make it. Some make the soup simple and plain with a slight taste, on the other way some makes the soup thick and spicy with a good sour taste. We are going to share the recipe of creamy tomato soup which is thick creamy and very tasty. 

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    creamy tomato soup Ingredients

    Ingredients of creamy tomato soup

    Fresh Tomato900 GmBeetroot peeled and chopped100 Gm
    Butter Or Cream1 tablespoonGinger ChoppedSmall Piece
    Garlic Peeled  and Crushed2 ClovesSugar1 Tablespoon
    Salt1/4 Teaspoon or according to TasteBlack PapperTo Taste
    Black Salt1/4 Teaspoon or according to TasteCelery Seed1/4 teaspoon
    Water2 - 3 CupGreen CorianderFor Decoration

    • Chop tomatoes roughly. Peel and chop the beetroot.
    • Put tomatoes, beetroot, ginger, garlic and water in the pressure cooker and boil it on high flame till 2-3 whistles.
    • Allow the pressure cooker to release all the pressure automatically. Transfer the boiled tomato mixture to a blender and mix to make a nice and smooth puree.
    • Boil the puree again for 5 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally.
    • Add sugar, salt, black pepper and celery seed while boliing the mixer.
    • Add Butter or Cream to make it tastier and mix well.
    • Delicious soup is ready. Transfer it to a serving bowl and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
    • Serve the delicious hot soup. Enjoy hot delicious and creamy soup as an appetizer to your lunch or dinner.

    You can serve it with dip bread.

    To get the video for the recipe: CLICK HERE

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