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How To Make Chicken Ghee Roast

  • Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe

    Chicken Ghee Roast is a delicious dish from Mangalore in India. This dish is an ideal combination of chicken with spices which is roasted in desi ghee (clarified butter). It is a spicy and delicious dish. Chicken ghee roast from the city of Mangalore, Karnataka in India is a delicious and popular chicken dish. This dish originated in Kundapur, a small town near Mangalore. There are many recipes for making Chicken Ghee Roast, we are sharing a recipe so that you can easily make Chicken Ghee Roast at home.

    A Classic Mangalore Style Chicken Ghee Roast is a traditional recipe from Mangalore Kitchen. The delicious dish is a perfect combination of juicy and tender chicken pieces marinated and cooked in desi ghee with a special masala. This is the best recipe of Chicken Ghee Roast and your family and guests will demand for more. Serve this delicious Mangalorean dish "Chicken Ghee Roast" with Rava Dosa, Butter Naan, Roti or Rice and enjoy your lunch or dinner.

    In conclusion, Chicken Ghee Roast is a deliciously spicy and flavorful dish from the Indian state of Karnataka that is made with chicken, ghee, and a blend of spices. It is a perfect blend of spicy, and delicious taste and is a delicacy in Mangalore. It is usually served on special occasions and is a must-try for people who love spicy and flavorful food.

    • Preparation Time :
    • 20 Minutes
    • Cooking Time :
    • 50 Minutes
    • Meal Type :
    • Non Vegetarian

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Chicken Ghee Roast Ingredients


For Chicken Stock

Desi Ghee2 TablespoonChicken With Bones300 Grams
Black Peppercorn5 - 6Black Cardamom1
Cashew Nuts12 - 15Water1 Liter
Salt1/2 Teaspoon or As Per TasteBay leaves1 - 2

For Byadgi Chilli Paste

Dry Whole Byadgi Chilli1/2 CupGarlic4 - 5 Cloves
WaterAs Needed  

For Chicken Ghee Roast

Ghee1/4 Cup + 2 TablespoonWhole Chicken1/2
Byadgi Chilli Paste1/2 CupJaggery1/2 Tablespoon
Fresh Coriander LeavesFor Garnish  

Direction To Make

  • Make several minor cuts on the whole chicken, but do not cut into pieces.

Byadgi Chilli Paste

  • Soak the byadgi chillies in water overnight. Next morning transfer it to the grinder, add garlic to it and grind it to make a fine paste.

Chicken Stock

  • Heat 2 tablespoons ghee in a large pan. When the ghee gets hot, add 300 grams of chicken and roast it well.
  • Add black pepper, black cardamom, cashew, water, salt and bay leaves and mix well. Allow it to boil on medium heat for about 35 - 40 minutes. Remove the impurities floating on the surface of the chicken stock.
  • Boil the whole chicken for 1 - 2 minute in the chicken stock on medium heat and remove it and keep it aside.
  • After 30 - 35 minutes, remove the chicken pieces, bay leaves and black cardamom from the stock. Blend the stock using a hand blender. Chicken stock is ready. Turn off the gas.

Chicken Ghee Roast

  • Cut the chicken into pieces in the size of your choice.
  • Heat 1/2 cup ghee in a non-stick pan. When the ghee becomes medium hot. Add chicken and cook for a while.
  • Add baydgi chilli paste and mix well. Cook the chicken on medium heat for about 15 minutes, while stirring occasionally.
  • Add 1-2 ladle of chicken stock to it and mix well. Cook it for a minute and add 2 tablespoon of ghee to it and mix it well.
  • Cook it on medium heat until the chicken becomes soft and the ghee separates. Taste the gravy for salt, add salt if required according to your taste and mix well.
  • Add 1/2 tablespoon jaggery to the last and mix well.
  • Turn off the gas. Delicious Chicken Ghee Roast is ready. Transfer delicious chicken to serving plate. Enjoy delicious Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast at your home.


To get the video recipe for the dish Click Here.

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