Falsa Sharbat

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    Falsa Sharbat

    Falsa / Phalsa is a small size of about blueberry delicious sweet and sour fruit that is available during the summer season in North India. It is good for health and provides coolness to your body in summer. To fight the heat of summer, the fruit falsa is very much beneficial. This fruit is rich in nutrients, minerals, potassium, vitamins and is a very good antioxidant. Falsa is good for health issues like it cures cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia and is also good for liver, indigestion, asthma, respiratory problems, cough and cold, acidity, urinary problems and many more. Falsa juice is also good and it acts as a tonic for your brain and it is very good for the skin when applied on the skin. You can eat Falsa as it is and if you sprinkle a little black salt over it, it will be more tasty or you can make delicious sharbat / squash from it. If you need to drink something that saves your life from the scorching heat, and if it is a Falsa sharbat then the sharbat will give a feeling of heaven.

    Preparation Time
    1 Hour 20 Minutes
    Meal Type:

    Drink and Beverages

    Falsa / Phalsa500 GramSugar100 Gram
    Black Salt1 TeaspoonSalt1 Teaspoon
    WaterAs NeededIce CubesAs Needed

    • Wash the Falsa / Phalsa in a large bowl and sieve them with a sieve to drain the water. 
    • Add sugar, black salt and normal salt to the falsa in the large bowl.
    • Using your hand, mash them well and set it aside at room temperature for an hour. So that the sugar and salt dissolve the falsa.
    • After one hour, mash it well again and add about 1/2 liter of cold water to it and mash the Falsa again so that it dissolves in water.
    • Set a large sieve on top of a large bowl and transfer this mashed Falsa mixture to the sieve and collect the juice in the bowl along with the pulp. Add some water to the sieve again and mash it well until all the juice and pulp will transfer in the bowl through the sieve and only the seeds remain in the sieve.
    • Discard the seeds and add some more water if the juice in the bowl is thick .
    • Falsa sharbat is ready. Transfer the sharbat to a glass. Add ice cube to your liking and enjoy cool, refreshing and delicious sharbat in summer.
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