Chocolate Cake

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    Chocolate Cake

    A chocolate cake is a delicious cake with cocoa powder, melted chocolate or both. Here is an easy recipe to make soft and spongy delicious egg-less chocolate cake.

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    Dark chocolate, finely grated100 GmsButter small cubes1 Cup
    Refined Flour (Maida)1 1/2 CupBaking powder2 Teaspoon
    Sugar1CupVanilla Essence1 Teaspoon
    Milk3/4 CupWalnuts finely chopped1/2 Cup
    ButterTo greasing  

    • Melt the chocolate and butter cubes in the microwave oven in a bowl (Microwave Safe bowl) for one minute in 100% heat.
    • In another bowl, sift refined flour (Maida) and baking powder and mix.
    • Add melted butter and chocolate in it and mix well.
    • Add sugar powder and vanilla essence to the mixture and stir well.
    • Add Milk and walnuts in to the mixture and fold well.
    • Take another microwave-safe dish and grease it with butter.
    • Pour the whole mixture in this greased bowl and bake it on high heat (100%) for seven minutes.
    • Leave the baked cake to cool for some time.
    • When the cake is set to cool, cut the chocolate cake and enjoy.
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