Mawa Modak

    Make Special Mawa Modak On Janmashtami

    Mawa Modak

    Modak is a traditional dessert and mawa or khoya modak is a delicious dessert made with or milk powder solid milk. Modak sweets are usually offered to Lord Ganesha on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and after worship the modak are offered as prasad to the devotees. Modak is commonly made with stuffing, but you can make mawa modak with or without stuffing. We are sharing the delicious Mawa Modak recipe without any stuffing, you can easily make delicious Modak at your home by following the recipe of Mawa Modak.

    Preparation Time
    10 Minutes
    Cooking Time
    15 Minutes
    Meal Type:

    Ice Cream Dessert and Sweets

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