Bel Sharbat

    Bel Sharbat

    Bell fruit or wood apple is beneficial for health, and bel sharbat protects your body from heat in summer. Drinking wood apple squash (bel sharbat) keeps your body energetic during fasting days and refreshes during the summer season. Readymade cold drinks from the market are not good for health, it does not freshen your body even in the real summer season. Cold drinks that are available in the market are nothing but sweet water with some preservatives. A drink with natural ingredient is good for health, and a real refresher for summer. Bel Sharbat is a delicious and healthy drink that refreshes your body during the summer season. Drinking sharbat in the morning before leaving office, it will be good for your health and will protect your body from heat during summer season.

    Preparation Time
    1 Hour 20 Minutes
    Meal Type:

    Drink and Beverages

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