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How To Make Delicious Pudina Chutney

  • Pudina Chutney Recipe

    Indians love spicy food so there are many types of chutneys which are spicy and are the most important part of Indian snacks. One of them is mint chutney, the most famous chutney of Indian cuisine. This recipe is for preparing a spicy Indian style chutney using green mint leaves, sugar, red chilli powder, ginger and lemon juice. Follow this recipe of green pudina chutney and make delicious pudina chutney at your home and enjoy it with different kind of snacks.

    Mint chutney or pudina chutney, is a popular and versatile Indian condiment that is loved for its refreshing and tangy flavor. It is made with fresh mint leaves, green chillies and some aromatic spices, which create a delightful combination of flavors.

    To make pudina chutney, fresh mint leaves are washed and blended with green chilies, ginger, garlic and lemon juice or tamarind for a tangy flavor. Some people also add ingredients like desiccated coconut, yogurt, or roasted peanuts for extra richness and texture. The chutney is blended until it becomes a smooth green paste. Sugar are usually added with other spices to balance the taste.

    Pudina chutney can be served as a dip with various snacks like samosas, pakoras or kebabs. It is also used as a spread in sandwiches, wraps and rolls to add flavor to the dish. Some people also eat it with main dishes like biryani and pulao.

    Apart from its delicious taste, pudina chutney also offers health benefits as mint is known for its digestive properties and uses to aid digestion. It is also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. This aromatic chutney is very popular in India, and its cool and tangy flavor makes it a delicious addition to any meal.

    • Preparation Time :
    • 15 Minutes
    • Meal Type :
    • Vegetarian

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Pudina Chutney Ingredients


Mint Leaves1 CupGinger1 Inch Pc
Garlic4 - 5 ClovesGaram Masala1/4 Teaspoon
Green Chili1Sugar2 Tablespoon
Red Chilli Powder1/4 Teaspoon Or As Per TasteChaat Masala1 Teaspoon
Cumin Powder1 TeaspoonOnion2 small
Tomato1 SmallSalt1/4 Teaspoon or As Per Taste

Direction To Make

  • Wash the mint leaves thoroughly. To drain the water, place it in a strainer.
  • Meanwhile peel the ginger and remove the garlic clove skin. Chop the ginger, onion, green chilli and tomato in the jar of the mixer grinder. Add garlic cloves, garam masala, sugar, red chilli powder, salt, chaat masala and cumin powder.
  • Grind them into the mixture to smooth. Add mint leaves and grind again. Add some water if necessary. Re-grind the mixture until smooth and thick puree.
  • Transfer the chutney to an airtight jar and keep it in the fridge. You can store the chutney for about a week.


To read the recipe in Hindi: CLICK HERE

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