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How To Make Delicious Paneer Dosa With Tons Of Flavor

  • Delicious Paneer Dosa

    Getting bored with regular plain dosa? Try this recipe of delicious paneer dosa!

    If so, I have brought one of the new recipes with a dosa combination that will be an excellent recipe for you to try. I have chosen the Paneer dosa recipe that is very tasty and very simple to make. 

    Why did I choose that recipe?

    You can prepare it any time. it will take only 15 minutes to prepare.

    You heard that right!!!!!

    In just 15 minutes.........

    The recipe is prepared with simple ingredients & by a dosa grinder machine that will give taste and are also beneficial for health. It is a favorite recipe for everyone because your kids, seniors, and adults will love that recipe.

    I have tried that recipe, and it was amazing. my little girl likes it very much, and I will also suggest you try that recipe at least one time and hope you will try it again and again in the future.

    • Preparation Time :
    • 5 Minutes
    • Cooking Time :
    • 10 Minutes
    • Meal Type :
    • Vegetarian

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Delicious Paneer Dosa Ingredients


Tomato, Finely Chopped1 CupOnion, Finely Chopped1 Cup
Paneer, Crumbled1 CupRed Chili Powder1 Teaspoon
Turmeric Powder1/8 TeaspoonGreen Chili1
Garlic, Finely Chopped1 TablespoonGaram Masala Powder1/2 Teaspoon
SaltAs Per TasteCoriander Leaves, Chopped2 Tablespoon
Cumin Seeds1 TeaspoonOil2 Teaspoon

Direction To Make

How do you make the Paneer dosa recipe?

  • Mostly, we use frozen paneer that is hard, but you need soft paneer, so boil the water and place paneer cubes in the water to become soft for a few minutes.
  • Once paneer cubes become soft, crumble them with your hands, or you can also use a mixer for grinding the paneer cubes.
  • Take a medium-sized pan and heat oil. once you see it become hot enough, add cumin seeds to it. Make sure you do not allow cumin seeds to burn. Otherwise, the taste will be changed. So it is better to cook it over medium heat.
  • Now add chili and garlic, stir, add onion, and fry them until they become transparent.
  • Next, add tomatoes, but using tomatoes is optional. adding them will give such a pleasant taste, but you can skip them too. After adding tomatoes, add red chili powder, salt, garam masala powder and turmeric.
  • Fry it for a couple of minutes and then add crumbled paneer. if you do not use tomatoes, you can add paneer without frying, but if you have added tomatoes, then first fry it and then add paneer.
  • Now turn off the flame, do not fry it for a longer time. 4 to 5 minutes are enough. otherwise, the paneer may turn rubbery. It will give a pleasant taste, so avoid cooking for a longer time.
  •  In the end, spread dosa batter over a hot griddle and cook dosa as described in the dosa recipe, spread enough paneer as required, and then fold the dosa until it is ready.

Helpful Tips

  • If you are looking for great taste, I recommend you make idli dosa batter and stir it with little water for easy spreading.
  • While spreading dosa ensures you layered it thinly and there is no need to flip, it will quickly cook on adding water. No need to cook it from the top because, on browning, the other side is also cooked.
  • Never spread paneer until dosa is cooked.
  • You can roll dosa if you do not like to fold it. it will give you an attractive dosa look.
  • Adding tomato is optional. you can skip it, but adding tomatoes will give you a moist and tangy recipe. You also have the option to add tomato ketchup instead of tomatoes.
  • Strictly follow our guidelines. try your creativity at your own risk. 


  • There are plenty of breakfast recipes, but it becomes a pleasant experience when you get a healthy recipe, easy to make and perfect in taste. 
  • The Paneer dosa recipe is one of the best recipes to try that will give you excellent taste, and your family will love to have it for breakfast.

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