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How To Make Delicious Custard

  • Delicious Custard Recipe

    Custard is a delicious creamy dessert made with milk, custard powder and sugar. Custard can be made in two ways. One is simple custard and the other is with seasonal fruits i.e. fruit custard. Custard is a very popular dessert of India with or without fruit. The delicious custard makes its way at parties along with other Indian sweets like rasmalai, gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa. This delicious custard can be a great treat for your guests and family with an easy recipe.

    Custard is a delicious dessert made by adding sugar and custard powder to milk. Custard powder is easily available in the market with different flavors. There are many recipes for making custard. The easiest way is to buy custard powder from the market and use it.

    Custard powder with basic vanilla flavor, apple, banana, pineapple and mango is easily available in the market. Basic vanilla flavor is the most common flavor of them all. We are sharing here the recipe of simple custard without fruits. Follow the recipe and make delicious custard at your home. You can also add seasonal fruits like apples, bananas, grapes or pomegranates to the custard. 

    Custard is made by mixing milk, sugar, eggs and a thickening agent like cornstarch or you can use readymade custard powder instead of eggs and cornstarch. It is a delicious creamy dessert that is popular all over the world. Vanilla extract or other flavorings may add for additional flavor. If you are using custard powder then there is no need to add extra flavor as it is already flavored. The delicious custard can be served chilled and mixed with fresh fruit. This versatile dessert can be enjoyed alone or used as a base for other desserts, such as pies.

    • Preparation Time :
    • 20 Minutes
    • Cooking Time :
    • 20 Minutes
    • Meal Type :
    • Ice Cream Dessert and Sweets

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Delicious Custard Ingredients


Milk1 LtrSugar150 Gm
Custard Powder3 - 4 TablespoonGreen Cardamom Powder1 Teaspoon
Milk Powder (Optional)3 - 4 TablespoonMix Dry FruitsFor Decoration

Direction To Make

  • Take a large deep pan. Add milk to the pan and boil on high heat while stirring occasionally.
  • When the milk starts boiling, add milk powder (optional), sugar and green cardamom powder in it and let the milk boil on medium heat, stirring occasionally.
  • Meanwhile take 1/2 cup of cold milk in another bowl and add custard powder to it. Mix well until smooth.
  • Reduce the heat to sim, add the milk custard mixture to the boiled milk. Stir the mixture continuously over low heat to avoid lumps. 
  • Raise the flame again while stirring. The mixture will begin to thicken. Boil it for about 2 minutes while stirring it continuously until the mixture becomes smooth and thick.
  • Turn off the heat Delicious custard is ready. Allow the custard to cool to room temperature. Keep it in the fridge to cool down. Garnish it with finely chopped dry fruit and enjoy chilled delicious custard with family and guests.


Milk powder added more flavor to the custard.

To get the video for the recipe: click here

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