Besan Ke Laddu

    How to Make Laddu From Besan

    Besan Ke Laddu

    Besan ke laddu is a popular ball-shaped dessert of India which are very delicious and made from gram flour (besan), lots of ghee, sugar, almonds, pistachio and cardamom. No one can resist this delicious dessert made with besan and ghee. Laddu is a ball-shaped Indian dessert that is made during all Indian festivals and occasions and celebrations. There are various types of laddus in India like Motichur ladoos, Bundi laddus etc. Besan ke laddus are one of those delicious sweets that are not only delicious but also very soft which easily melt in your mouth and give a nice aroma and taste to your mouth. We are sharing an easy recipe of Besan Ke Laddu so that you can make it easily at home.

    Preparation Time
    25 Minutes
    Cooking Time
    20 Minutes
    Meal Type:

    Ice Cream Dessert and Sweets

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